About us

About My Baker’s Dozen

My Baker’s Dozen is part of Sili-Stuff a growing family owned business that shares a love of Family,  Baking, Cooking, and Fun.

We strive for our customers to enjoy the multiple uses and satisfaction creating with our BPA-Free and Eco friendly products.

Looking forward too seeing you as a part of VIB (Very Important Baker) Club and experiencing all that it has to offer in order to help you expand your horizons of creating in your kitchen.

As a VIB member we will keep you apprised  often of all new mouth-watering recipes and baking tips released on the 13th of every month.

So you know the story behind the creation of  the 13th cup in the My Baker’s Dozen Silicone Baking Cups;

One of the partners( who will remain nameless) was always caught grabbing one of the original 12 cupcakes to sample on his own, so we decided to make the 13 cups My Bakers Dozen.

Because a Baker’s Dozen is 12 + 1 for the Baker.”The 13th cup allows you the baker to taste and enjoy”.

And in closing as the saying goes: A baker is only as good as his last baked creation.

HAPPY BAKING from our Oven to yours, Hal and Lisa