March 3rd is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

I have been fighting Breast Cancer for the last year and a half. And have a personal interest in putting an end to this insidious disease. There are many different kinds of Cancer, but we have chosen to contribute to helping those who are helping to eradicate Breast Cancer. While I do not suffer from Triple Negative Breast Cancer, my husband and I would like to make people aware of it, on this day that recognizes it. We, as part of our company policy contribute a portion of our profits to Breast Cancer Awareness. To honor this day, we will TRIPLE our My Baker’s Dozen donation (making that a $3.00 donation per purchase!) to the National Breast Cancer Foundation on any purchase made from March 3rd – March 6th. Our silicone baking cups can be purchased on Amazon here.
– Sincerely, Lisa Bryant

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