Thank you, Zerbear 101, for this wonderful 5 Star Review! It was so fun, we just had to share!


“Well, I got these as a gift for my mother in-law for no particular reason (except she is always baking cup cakes for all of the family birthday get-togethers – which is pretty much once a month) and my brother in-law happened to see them… Oops! Funny story…

We were sitting in my living room and they were on my desk so I’d remember to get them over to my mother in-law. My brother in-law saw them (they are quite bright and come in a very nice container also with an insert so you can join the VIB – Very Important Baker – Club!). I grabbed them (because he was eyeing them) and he yelled, “I HAVE to have those!”. I told them I was giving them to our mother in-law (he is the husband of my sister in-law; lots of in-laws here). He yelled, “NO! Give them to me!” (smiling, in a hopeful manner, of course, but he did yell :).

To make a long story short; I gave them to him. He was extremely excited, opening the package and looking at them (and the insert) and saying he was going to use them right away. (He, obviously, LOVES creating in the kitchen; he is the type that will come over to my house and use our gas oven – as opposed to his electric one – and cook several batches of cookies over several weeks to get it “just right”). My kids love it.

Needless to say, he loves his new silicone baking cups! I am looking forward to the day (probably this weekend) he brings his cupcake batch over to my place (with his new My Baker’s Dozen Baking Cups) and cooks batch after batch to get it “just right”!

He says they work wonderfully, no stick, and while he is not the best or that much of an enthusiast to protecting the environment, I am, and I can see how this can help keep our landfills less full! He says they are easy to clean afterwards and never thought that they would be as awesome as they are for making cupcakes. He also love the white cup “just for him”. :)

I may update this review when he brings batches over to my house to cook, but for now, I highly recommend this as a gift for any family or friends that love baking and cooking. I need another set for my mother in-law now! (Oh, and if you happen to like baking – I do not, nor do I cook – these are probably awesome as well!)”

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